Who doesn’t ask this question at least ones in their lives?

The real question you should be asking yourself is how did the top earners of the industry do it?

Let’s examine how these top earners do it shall we

  • The do not give up- these guys take action, they are making themselves known.
  • They are a Leaders- they are always helping people and provide VALUE…why, so you keep coming back. Tricky isn’t it
  • They follow through- these guys are always doing something. They set a goal and they will follow through to the end…they do not quit
  • They are willing to do what most people won’t- Why because that is where the money is
  • They are respectful-they don’t try to recruit everyone. They respect what you are doing and are willing to help.
  • They overcome fears-how, they scare themselves each day to overcome their fears. Nothing gets in their way.
  • They are positive- they do not complain, they take negative comments and brush them off






This is how you make money…..Take action every day. It doesn’t matter if you are in the mood or not. If you take action you will get in the mood and that is where the money is.