Power Branding Master Class: Launch Your WordPress Website

Hello and Welcome! We’re excited to share with you the details of the Power Branding Master Class: Launch Your WordpPress Website!

Learn, Teach, Do, Monetize!

We learned, we taught, we DID!

I am PROUD to present to you!!!!

Power Branding Master Class: Launch Your WordPress Website

Taught by

Supa Dupa Sarah of Sarah Cole Consulting  co-founder of Power Moms Online

Keep It Supa Simple!!

Using our proven “10 Minutes to Success” Method, we’ve got…

 33 steps to Launch Your Website


 Give it a much needed Attraction Marketing OVERHAUL!

Delivered to you over the next 4 weeks in 15 Lessons!

Each lesson comes with a mindset piece, a new skill, and HOMEWORK!

Are you ready to take MASSIVE ACTION!?



Power Moms Online: Power Branding Master Class: Building Your Website

The INTENSIVE Package $997 

In this 4 week course, You will not only get the TOOLS, TRAINING & SUPPORT you need to LAUNCH your online business

(Ex: Virtual Assistant, Health & Wellness Coach, Social Retailer, Online Marketing Coach, Direct Sales Rep, or MLM)


YOU will also get the coaching, mentor-ship, and hands on practical application that has allowed Sarah and Debbie to run succesful online business while raising their children!

We are living our dream lifestyles! We are physically present for our children while financially providing!

Get ready to have your world ROCKED by the SECRET!

Attraction Marketing is the KEY to success, and our proven 10 Minutes to Success method designed by moms for moms will knock your multi-tasking mommy socks off! 

The Power Branding Master Class starts with a Survey followed by a 50 minute Strategy Call. This call is designed to help you get clarity on your vision.

Vision is the KEY!

You will work with your coach to create a daily plan of action that fits YOUR LIFESTYLE.

We’ll send you a follow up email with an accountability sheet for tracking your actions as well as your results!

We will work with you to get crystal clear on what it is you are selling!!

What business model fits your ideal lifestylfe?

Who Your Target Audience or Avatar is?

What marketing strategy is best for your model, audience, and conversion rate?

We may even be able to help YOU identify your limiting beliefs!! (Survey, Strategy Call, Follow-Up Email, Value $397)

The INTENSIVE package comes with one on one accountability throughout the entire 30 day course. This means you will have someone working with you as you go through the process of personal branding, systems setup, and strategy implementation.

This is the nitty gritty! This is practical application POWER MOM’S STYLE!  Mama Bear Deb is the accountability boss! (Value $1,997)

Sarah is teaching The 15 Lessons of The Power Branding Course LIVE while Debbie will be dropping the lessons her way!! Exact same lessons, different perspective! Hers are pre-recorded and will include the pdf and step by step tutorials! Believe us when we tell you that 2 brains are better than 1!!! (Value $697)

Part of the course is LIVE question and answer sessions hosted by Power Moms Online founders Debbie & Sarah Monday thru Friday throughout the 4 week course. We will compile questions from the group as well as provide a daily thread for you to submit your questions. We’ve been doing these calls at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. This is 20 opportunities to ask your questions LIVE!! We will also be offering the opportunity to be featured as a guest speaker during these sessions as the class progresses. These webinar style trainings will be recorded and available to watch and rewatch at your convenience. (Value $997)

In addition to the Q&A sessions, we will also do an accountability call LIVE in the group Monday thru Friday a 11 am Pacific 1 pm Eastern. Debbie will make sure you know what vital activity you need to be doing consistently (based on your plan of action from your Strategy Call) to reach your goal!! She will also provide you with a customized yet SIMPLE tracking tool designed to show us what is working for your target audience and what needs to be adjusted.  We’ve found that this gives our group a more inclusive feel. You see, we want you to feel like there is a classroom available to you with LIVE instructors! WE are HERE for you! The most VITAL piece of this class is ACCOUNTABILITY! (Value $997)

Weekly (5 in total) 50 minute one on one mentor-ship sessions with Sarah or Debbie. (Value: $497 )

Total value!  $$5,582…. !!!!!!

Total COST: one payment of $997

Too Intensive?

I get it.

Let’s drop the one on one daily accountability and weekly one on one coaching sessions because you can buddy up with someone and ask questions the in the group, right!?

After all, Power Moms Online is all about community support and creating relationships.

You’ll still get the initial strategy call with the follow-up plan of action, The 15 Lessons taught 2 ways, the Live Q&A’s sessions (20 in total) , the accountability calls (20 Live over the course of 4 weeks) and of course group support!!

You are letting go of the one on one coaching calls and one on one accountability.

This knocks the price down by $600 to ONLY $397

That’s RIGHT! $397 for the ENTIRE 30 day Power Branding Course!

Okay, If you are in tears right now, checking your bank account, wallet, or maybe even the bottom of your purse…… thinking about who you could borrow money from that you haven’t already….


Hang on…

We’ve got you covered!

We want to make sure that EVERYONE who has the DRIVE

has the opportunity to get the Harvard style Social Media Marketing Education that Deb and Sarah did… soooo..

If you act in the next 24 hours, you’ll get FULL CLASS ACCESS FOR THE ENTIRE 30 day experience… for a FRACTION of this price!! (plus this option comes with a 30 day money back guarantee)

Spaces are limited as we can only take on 2 Power Moms Online INTENSIVE students per coach for this 30 days.. So that’s 4 spots for the INTENSIVE..

We’re going to be capping this class @ 30 students total. With 2 teachers we want to make sure EVERYONE gets the help they need… .. And guess what!!!

We’ve already got a KILLER line-up of other Successful Social Media Marketers ready to share THEIR secrets with us!

There are so many “ways” to work online that we wanted to show you what some of the OTHER EXPERTS are doing!!

We’re so excited to share with you the 33 steps to have a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL launch!!

See you in class!


Power Moms Online

Sarah & Debbie